mare/sciallo films was founded in 2019 with the intent to cultivate relationships between
emerging international voices in non-fiction cinema and US-based resources.

mare/sciallo (mah-re/sha-loh) is a reinterpretation of the Italian word maresciallo, a military rank.
separating mare from sciallo evokes two very different images
mare - the sea - all the salt water that surrounds the continents and islands
sciallo - calm, at ease - a word born in the Roman periphery this millennium, likely from the Arabic inshallah

Tailings (2022) / Brazil, USA / feature / in production

a co-production with Enquadramento Produções

directed by Pedro de Filippis
produced by Leonardo Mecchi, Bronte Stahl, Tarsila Nakamura

The biggest mining dam disaster in the world rocks Brazil. In the aftermath, Tailings follows a web of characters as an absurdist political and environmental tragedy unfolds in this immaculate post-colonial wasteland.

supported by:
DocSociety New Perspectives Seed Fund
Sundance Documentary Fund
LEF Foundation
Nia Tero Foundation
Chicago Media Project

pitched at:
Points North Pitch at the Camden International Film Festival (Special Jury Prize)

fiscal sponsor:
UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art

Untitled Hydebank Film (2023) / Northern Ireland, Ireland / feature / in development

directed by: Ross McClean
produced by: Bronte Stahl

Ryan finds solace caring for a flock of sheep inside a Northern Irish prison’s walls. Released into a dizzying environment, he ventures to start his own flock.

supported by:
Northen Ireland Screen
2020 Open City Assembly Lab 

pitched at:
Edinburgh Pitch (winner Edinburgh Pitch Award)
DokLeipzig Co-Pro Market
Sheffield Meet/Market