mare/sciallo films was founded in 2019 with the intent to cultivate relationships between
emerging international voices in non-fiction cinema and US-based resources.

mare/sciallo (mah-re/sha-loh) is a reinterpretation of the Italian word maresciallo, a military rank.
separating mare from sciallo evokes two very different images
mare - the sea - all the salt water that surrounds the continents and islands
sciallo - calm, at ease - a word born in the Roman periphery this millennium, likely from the Arabic inshallah


Tailings (2021) / Brazil, USA / feature / in development

a co-production with Enquadramento Produções

directed by Pedro de Filippis
produced by Leonardo Mecchi, Bronte Stahl, Tarsila Nakamura

After seeing his village washed away by the collapse of a mining dam, an exile in Portugal attempts to digest the trauma through dance. A second dam breaks and an environmentalist is forced from her life of isolation to the international media spotlight. A teacher keeps watch at night for the imminent break of a third dam that can bury his town in eight seconds. In a period of three years, two mining tailings dams broke in Minas Gerais, Brazil, causing the country’s worst socio-environmental disasters.

supported by:
DocSociety New Perspectives Seed Fund
Sundance Documentary Fund
LEF Foundation
Nia Tero Foundation
Chicago Media Project

pitched at:
Points North Pitch at the Camden International Film Festival

fiscal sponsor:
UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art